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B.A. Geography

The Bachelor of Arts degree program in Geography focuses on our interdependent world and our fragile habitat. The major nourishes a sense of responsibility and provides tools for the solution of environmental, regional, and international problems. The program provides a depth of study to ensure the satisfaction of having mastered a discipline. Students have the opportunity to focus on one of the major areas of study, or tracks, within the department, and to master methods and techniques which can provide the foundation for a successful career.

Major Requirements

Students complete at least 30 semester hours of course work in geography in at least 10 courses (6 core courses and 4 track courses). At least 18 of these hours must be upper-division level. At least 18 of these hours must be in residence at UT Austin. All courses must be taken for a letter grade. A GPA (grade point average) of at least 2.0 in geography courses is required.

Students in Geography are expected to meet the requirements of the University core curriculum and of the College of Liberal Arts, as well as minor requirements. For students pursuing the 16-18 catalog, students must complete a certificate program or a transcript-recognized minor (NOTE: not all deparments offer a transcript-recognized minor). For students pursuing earlier catalogs, a minor is 12 hours, at least six upper-division, in a discipline outside of Geography. 

Core Requirements

Students must take:

  • 2 courses in each of three core areas: physical, human, and methods and techniques
  • GRG 301C The Natural Environment (physical)
  • GRG 305 This Human World: Intro to Geography (human)

Read more about the geography core requirement courses.

Track Requirement: Students are recommended to take 4 courses in one of the following tracks or concentrations: