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Study Tracks

Cultural Geography deals with aspects of human geography related to cultural origins and dispersals, cultural ecology, perception and sense of place, cultural landscapes and landscape change. The focus is upon both the spatial attributes of culture and the interactions between culture and environment.

Examples of courses students in Cultural Geography track take are:

GRG 319: Geography of Latin America

GRG 320K: Land and Life: The American Southwest

GRG 326: Regions and Cultures of Europe

GRG 327: Geography of Former Soviet Union

GRG 336: Contemporary Cultural Geography

GRG 341K: Geography of Mexico and Caribbean America

GRG 356T: Society of Modern Mexico

GRG 356T: Gender and Geography

GRG 356T: Race and Place

GRG 356T: Mapping Latin America

Note: Students in the Cultural Geography track are urged to consider their eligibility for GRG 679HA/HB (Honors course), which can be used to meet track requirements when pursued under the guidance of an appropriate faculty member.

Note: In addition to the above, all geography majors must also complete the core requirements in Human Geography, Physical Geography, and Techniques.