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Core Courses

This aspect of the Geography Major ensures that all students have a breadth of understanding of the natural environment, the human world, and of the methods and techniques used by geographers to gather information, visualize, and analyze complex real world relationships. To this end, all students are required to take two courses in each of the three core areas: Physical Geography, Human Geography, and Methods and Techniques. The academic advisor will have a list of which courses are being taught each semester and which category the course fall into. 

Note: Course offerings vary by semester and some courses are taught with more frequency than others. Students should always consult the academic advisor for up-to-date list of course offerings by area for each semester. 

Physical Geography 

Complete GRG 301CThe Natural Environment and one of the following:

  • GRG 301K Weather and Climate
  • GRG 304E Environmental Science: A Changing World
  • GRG 309 Topics in Geography: (when topic is appropriate)
  • GRG 333C Severe and Unusual Weather
  • GRG 333K Climate Change
  • GRG 334C Environmental Hazards
  • GRG 334K Soils
  • GRG 335C Quaternary Landscapes
  • GRG 335K Mountain Geoecology
  • GRG 335N Landscape Ecology
  • GRG 338C Rivers and Landscapes: Fluvial Geomorphology
  • GRG 339 Process Geomorphology
  • GRG 356 Archaeology of Climate Change
  • GRG 356 Water & Watersheds
  • GRG 356 Water Res: Latin America/Caribbean
  • GRG 356T The Environmental Change and Management of Large Rivers
  • GRG 356T Primate Conservation
  • GRG 366K Biogeography
  • GRG 366C Comparative Ecosystems
  • GRG 367K Vegetation Ecology
  • GRG 476T Natural Resource Management


Human Geography

Complete GRG 305 This Human World: An Introduction to Geography and one of the following:

  • GRG 303K Introduction to Cultural and Historical Geography
  • GRG 306C Conservation
  • GRG 307C Introduction to Urban Studies
  • GRG 309 (When topic is appropriate)
  • GRG 319 Geography of Latin America
  • GRG 320K Land and Life: The American Southwest
  • GRG323K Geography of South America
  • GRG 324 Cultural Geography of North America
  • GRG 325 Geography of Texas
  • GRG 326 Regions and Cultures of Europe
  • GRG 326K Feast or Famine?
  • GRG 327 Geography of Former Soviet Union
  • GRG 328 Geography of the Middle East
  • GRG 328C Pathways Toward Extinction
  • GRG 331 Geography of Asia
  • GRG 331K Cultural Ecology
  • GRG 331K Nature, Society, and Adaptation
  • GRG 334 Conservation, Resources, and Technology
  • GRG 336 Contemporary Cultural Geography
  • GRG 336C National Parks and Protected Areas
  • GRG 337 The Modern American City
  • GRG 339K Environment, Development, and Food Production
  • GRG 341K Landscapes of Mexico and Caribbean America
  • GRG 342C Sustainable Development
  • GRG 344K Global Food, Farming & Hunger
  • GRG 346 The Human Use of the Earth
  • GRG 347K Spanish Background of Hispanic America
  • GRG 348C Geography of South Asia
  • GRG 350K Geographies of Globalization
  • GRG 356 Reporting on the Environment
  • GRG 356  Children’s Environmental Health
  • GRG 356 Environmental Health
  • GRG 356 Commons/Environment Latin America
  • GRG 356T Topics in Geography (where appropriate)
  • GRG 357 Medical Geography
  • GRG 358 Cities in Developing Countries
  • GRG 358E Geography and Religion
  • GRG 372K Proseminar in Environmental Geography

Methods and Techniques

Complete any two of the following courses: 

  • GRG 308 Computer Cartography
  • GRG 308C Introduction to Computing in Geography
  • GRG 309 Topics in Geography (where appropriate)
  • GRG 310C Spatial Data and Analysis
  • GRG 312 Maps and Map Interpretation
  • GRG 339C Principles of Environmental Conservation
  • GRG 356 Topics (where appropriate)
  • GRG 356T Topics (where appropriate)
  • GRG 460C The Geographer's Craft
  • GRG 360G Environmental Geographic Information Systems
  • GRG 360L Spatial Analysis
  • GRG 360N Computer Applications in Geography
  • GRG 368C Spatial Analysis and GIS
  • GRG 373F Field Techniques
  • GRG 462K Remote Sensing of the Environment