Mission Statement

College of Liberal Arts

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In the College of Liberal Arts, we teach students to think critically and independently so they can thrive in the world beyond campus. We are dedicated to promoting cutting-edge research that helps people better understand human history, society, and culture.

By providing students a strong foundation in the humanities and social sciences, we serve as a model in education and intellectual excellence for other universities. Our distinguished faculty is committed to teaching and to developing the best academic programs available in their fields. And our graduates must be able to read analytically, write cogently, and speak persuasively.

We do this in an atmosphere that fosters fellowship and understanding among students, faculty, and the administration. With a large and diverse student body, we recognize the importance of respecting students as individuals with unique needs, goals, and challenges.

In all courses and programs, we emphasize ethics, integrity, citizenship, and awareness of global issues. Students learn to assume personal responsibility for their actions, while they develop self-reliance and a passion for life-long learning. The College guides the lives of its students  by fostering creativity, leadership, and service to community and nation.

When our students graduate, they will have a skill set that includes:

  • the ability to reason effectively from hypotheses to conclusions and to logically analyze the ideas of others,
  • a critical appreciation for the social framework in which we live and the ways it has evolved through time,
  • experience thinking about moral and ethical problems,
  • understanding various facets of science and the ways in which knowledge of the universe is gained and applied,
  • understanding various aspects of mathematics and the application of quantitative skills to problem solving,
  • proficiency in a second language,
  • an appreciation for literature and the arts,
  • sophistication in using information technology.