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Student Teachers

For UTL 360/670

Background Checks

Access to school district campuses is prohibited until a criminal history check has been processed. Each district has their own procedures for background checks. The UTeach-Liberal Arts office will provide specific instructions to students when background checks are needed. Before completing background check forms, students should refer to the Criminal History Check Instruction Guide.

Sample Forms and Instructions

  • Observation Form, UTL 360/670 Word PDF
  • Formative Evaluation, UTL 360/670 Word PDF
  • Summative Evaluation, UTL 360/670 Word PDF
  • Weekly Hours Log, UTL 360/670 Word PDF
  • Student Teacher Instructions for DocuSign Observation/Formative/Summative Forms PDF

Student Teacher Weekly Hours Log

Student teachers will initiate 1 weekly hours log at the end of each work week. Please make notes about ANY absences that occured. (Weather related/illness/family/interviews etc.)

UTL 360 Evaluation Forms for Cooperating Teachers - DocuSign 

Student teachers will initiate the 360 Evaluation Forms just prior to teaching a lesson that their cooperating teacher will be evaluating. Pay attention to the type of form you are selecting: Observation, Formative or Summative.

Student Teacher Early Start Approval - DocuSign 

Note: If the documents below are not linked, the professors have not indicated that it is time for the links to be active.
The document should only be initiated when you and your Cooperating Teacher (CT) have an agreed upon start date. Also, your CT will need to have provided you with the name of the Campus Administrator who will be approving the start date. Once you have all the information and all parties are aware that the document is coming, only then should you initiate it.