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Undergraduate Studies

Analytical, Communicative, and Persuasive skills are in high demand in almost every profession, including law, education, politics, consulting, business, public relations, professional writing, advertising, and academia. The Rhetoric & Writing major aims to produce sophisticated communicators able to perform the sort of analyses and persuasive presentations that such careers require. It also is an excellent preparation for graduate-level study in law, business, media studies, literary and cultural studies, and other liberal-arts disciplines.

Specifically, students in the Rhetoric & Writing major learn to:

  • Critically analyze information, texts, and arguments.
  • Organize and communicate ideas clearly and effectively.
  • Engage thoughtfully in public debates.
  • Advocate a position effectively and ethically.

As a Rhetoric & Writing major, you will develop your ability to apply these practical skills in person, in print, and electronically, while studying the rhetorical and philosophical principles in which they are based.

Please note our departmental attendance policy which is reflected in all syllabi Students may miss 6 MWF classes, but will fail upon the 7th absence. In MW and TTH sections, students may miss 4 classes but will fail upon the 5th absence.