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Children in Rama Cay. Atlantic Coast of Nicaragua. © 2014 Ana Hernandez

Undergraduate studies leading to the bachelor of arts degree have been designed to provide a general, broad-based knowledge of Latin America through an interdisciplinary program.

Please consult with Freddy Sanchez, Senior Academic Adviser, for major requirements and course planning. In many cases, study abroad at a Latin American university can be included in the degree program. For more information on study abroad programs, visit Texas Global.

Why major in Latin American Studies?

Latin American Studies (LAS) prepares students for a rapidly evolving job market that demands adaptable thinkers with a global knowledge base who are capable of cross-cultural collaboration.
     Through the LAS major, students engage a broad spectrum of global phenomena with intellectual rigor and flexibility by introducing diverse methodological and theoretical approaches to the study of Latin America.

Students gain:
Deeper understanding of the links between global and local politics and economies
Regional expertise through interdisciplinary and comparative perspectives
Understanding of vital transnational themes like climate change, indigeneity, economic development, community activism, the media, security, democracy, immigration, and human rights.

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Advantages of LAS

Because it is interdisciplinary, Latin American Studies gives students flexibility and better access to the full resources of the university than can be had within the confines of a single department.
     Courses provide a core foundation in the humanities, social sciences, communications, and the arts. Our program integrates more than 30 academic departments and over 165 faculty across the university. 

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What jobs do LAS majors get?

Latin American Studies majors graduate with a broad range of highly marketable skills that prepare them for virtually any profession, as well as for graduate school.
   Common career paths for LAS majors:
     • International organizations
     • Non-governmental organizations (NGOs)
     • News and international media     • Law
     • Education and academia     
     • Government service     • International business

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Funding and financial opportunities

Each academic year, the Teresa Lozano Long Institute of Latin American Studies awards over $100,000 to deserving undergraduates (the majority to Latin American Studies majors). The funds include merit- and needs-based scholarships.

Other Awards

 • 10 study abroad scholarships for Latin America annually 
 • Yearly prize for Best Honors/Capstone Thesis, open to all LAS majors
 • Foreign Language and Area Studies fellowships (FLAS), a U.S. Department of Education grant that provides training in less-commonly-taught foreign languages or area studies

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