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Here is the prompt:

The popularity of Chat GPT and AI has caused some universities to craft policies for their use in the classroom. These policies take a range of stances: “Some universities, like Sciences Po in France, have banned ChatGPT for classwork, unless students have permission from instructors. Open Universities of Australia has offered students guidelines for using ChatGPT ethically. The University of Toronto advises instructors to specify which digital tools are allowed for assignments but warns the instructors against using unapproved AI tools to evaluate student work” (Dumitrescu).

The University of Texas at Austin currently allows instructors to craft their own policies for AI.  What policy, if any, should be applied across the university? How do you imagine that AI and tools like Chat GPT will affect your college education? Will AI influence how professors teach writing? Finally, how does AI impact learning to write well?

You may respond to all or just one of these prompts. In your last paragraph, however, convince us that you wrote your essay response and did not use ChatGPT.

Be specific with your examples. Cite sources as needed. 

Works Cited:

Dumitrescu, Irina. “Will ChatGPT Kill the Student Essay? Universities Aren’t Ready for the Answer.” The Walrus March/April 2023.  n. pag Web 24 March, 2023.

Please write 750 – 100 words in response and submit your essay here.  Attach your essay to the email as a pdf or a Word doc.

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