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Wise Wanderer Scholarship

“The great men of antiquity considered that there was no better school for life than travel: in this school one learns endlessly about so many other lives; again and again one reads a new lesson in this great book of the world. Besides, the change of air benefits body and mind.” – Louis de Jaucourt, “Voyage,” Encyclopédie ou Dictionnaire raisonneé des sciences, des arts et des métiers, vol 17. Paris 1765.

In a lecture, visiting LAH professor Marshall Gorges provided the following advice: “Give yourself time to get off the rail; Don’t rush; Be willing to explore; Break from the script.” 

In the spirit of adventure and education, the Wise Wanderer Scholarship will award one student $2,500 - 5,000 for the summer of 2022 to travel, exploring personal or academic interests.

Eligibility: Current Liberal Arts Honors and Humanities students who will not be graduating in May of the application year.

Note: For 2022, we are amending the eligibility and will accept applications from students graduating in May or Summer 2022. 

Application: Submit your 500 – 750 word travel proposal outlining a well thought out description of your journey and its goals. Attach a detailed itinerary and a budget. Make sure the budget allow for travel to and within the country (or countries!), accommodations, food, and entrance fees for attractions. Wise wandering travel must be completed by August, so only apply for a journey you intend to take.

Requirements: The successful application must meet a few expectations:

  1. Travel must be outside of the United States.
  2. Your journey should cover a significant amount of time – at least three weeks – with an itinerary you can reasonably complete over the course of a summer.
  3. The budget should include costs only for yourself. Scholarship money cannot be used to cover airfare, accommodations, or food for any travel companions.
  4. Travel may include volunteer work or independent research (but no organized coursework) through a particular organization.

Applications will be evaluated on the feasibility of the plan and the impact the trip will make on a student's research goals or career interests. 

The Wise Wanderer will be awarded in Spring 2022 for travel made during Summer 2022.

Please email a pdf of your application materials by March 21, 2022 to:

Be sure to include your name and EID on the title of the document.