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The Liberal Arts Honors Study Abroad Scholarships

The Liberal Arts Honors Program will award scholarships in varying amounts to support LAH students and Humanities majors who will be studying abroad in the Spring, Summer, and/or Fall.  An LAH student may apply for this scholarship by writing a one-page statement of his or her study abroad plans. The statement should include where and what the student will be studying, the projected cost involved, and the role that study abroad and the mastery of a foreign language plays in the student's academic and career goals.

Now is the time to apply for Liberal Arts Honors Study Abroad Scholarships! Deadlines are:

November 1, 11:59 pm for Spring.

April 1, 11:59 pm for Fall and Summer.

Maymesters may apply in Spring or Fall, as long as they are able to confirm participation.

Please submit your application online through the LASSO Scholarship system.

Both LAH students and Humanities majors are eligible to apply for the LAH Study Abroad scholarship. Please contact the LAH office with any questions.