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Larry Temple Scholarship Endowment

The Larry Temple Scholarship Endowment was established by The University of Texas System Board of Regents for the benefit of The University of Texas at Austin on October 12, 1990. The Scholarship, a $11,000 a year award renewable for two years, honors Larry Eugene Temple, Austin lawyer and public servant.

Liberal Arts majors who are interested in public service and meet the gpa requirement should consider applying for the Larry Temple Scholarship.  Watch the videos below to hear LAH Larry Temple Scholars talk about the application process and the scholarship's impact on their education.  Application criteria and instructions are at the bottom.

Byron Xu, Class of 2024

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Zoe Alvarez, Class of 2024

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Soni Shukla, Class of 2026

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Criteria for Selection

  • Temple Scholarships are awarded to students in the College of Liberal Arts who have completed their freshman year (at least 24 hours) in residence at The University, and have a 3.9 gpa or higher. The Scholarship, awarded at the beginning of the sophomore year, is renewable for two years, but students must remain in the College of Liberal Arts and maintain a 3.5 gpa.
  • Temple Scholars are selected primarily on the basis of superior academic merit. Additional consideration shall be given to those with a record of independent scholastic activities, extracurricular activities, and leadership. In evaluating candidates, the Selection Committee will take into account financial need.
  • Recipients may be of any residence status, with preference given to Texas residents.
  • The motivation and purpose of the Temple Scholarship is to allow recipients to enjoy and learn from University life and experiences. It is expected, therefore, that Temple Scholars will not be employed more than 15 hours per week.

Application Process

The application consist of three parts: first, a written portion with several short essays and information about your extracurriculars;  second, a brief video of yourself; and third, a recommendation from a member of the UT Austin faculty.

  • First, the written portion of the Temple application is available online.  Eligible students received an email invitation to apply. If you believe you are eligible and did not receive an invitation, please contact LAH Scholarships
  • Second, upload a 60-second-or-less video of yourself 

    In this video, first greet the viewer and introduce yourself: this would certainly start with your name, and may include your major, career goals, and anything you feel to be important;
    Next, in the video, please identify a story of special concern to you in today’s news, saying why it seems consequential, and what you might expect to see happen with it in the future.

    Do keep the video to 60 seconds or less. Please know that, because the committee is interested in you rather than in production values, we won’t anticipate anything other than a simple video recorded on a phone or laptop. 

    The text of the email will not come through, so your recommender only needs to email the attachment.
  • Third, ask a faculty member who has taught you in a class to write you a letter of recommendation and upload it.

    In particular, the letter should highlight your academic strengths and leadership skills. 

    As with the video, the text of the email will not come through, so your recommender only needs to email the attachment.
  • The Selection Committee will interview finalists.

Applications are due Wednesday, August 30th, 2023. All three parts - the application form, the video, and letter of recommendation - must be completed by the deadline for an application to receive consideration. Interviews for the scholarship finalists will be Saturday, September 23rd.

Selection and Awards

The Dean of the College of Liberal Arts appoints each year The Larry Temple Scholarship Selection Committee, a committee consisting of appropriate faculty and/or staff and alumni.