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The Department provides a number of resources to assist students in finding appropriate employment as they complete their dissertations, although we view our strongest service as the training and mentoring you receive throughout your stay in our program, where our goal is to make you as competitive as possible on the job market. You might be interested in some of the research our alumni are publishing and profiles of our students currently on the job market.

Department of Government Graduate Placement

Our PhDs have secured positions in departments across the country and the globe, from research universities to liberal arts colleges. As is typical in the academic world today, a first job is not always a permanent one, but can open the way to a productive career. Below is the list of our placements for the last four years:

2019-20 Graduates:

Name                                        Field                               Position                          Placement

Caitlin Andrews-Lee


Tenure Track

Ryerson Univ, Toronto

Brendan Apfeld


Private Sector


Maraam Dwidar

Public Adm.

Tenure Track

Syracuse University

Kyle Enders


Tenure Track

Northern Iowa University

E.J. Fagan

Public Adm.

Tenure Track

University of Illinois, Chicago Circle

Iasmin Goes



University Carlos III of Madrid

Rober Shaffer

Public Law


Maxwell Schoo, Syracuse University

Daniel Weitzel



University of Vienna

Jonathan Wensveen

Political Theory

Visiting Professor

University of Lethbridge (CA)

Charles Zug



Williams College


2018-19 Graduates:

Name Field Position Initial or Current Placement
Joe Tafoya American Tenure Track DePaul University
Nadine Gibson American Tenure Track UNC-Wilmington
Caitlin Lee-Andrews Comparative Postdoc Tulane University
German Petersen Comparative Tenure Track ITESO (Instituto Tecnológico y de Estudios Superiores de Occidente) in Guadalajara
Andy Stravers IR Other Rand Corporation
Caroilna Moehlecke IR Tenure Track Fundação Getúlio Vargas-São Paolo
Kyosuke Kikuta IR Tenured Osaka University
Christina Bambrick Public Law Tenure Track Clemson University
Thomas Bell Public Law/Public Policy Tenure Track Knox College
James Alex Branham American Public Sector
Alec Arellano Theory Visiting Assistant Professor Occidental College
Zachary Bennett Theory Postdoc Michigan State University


2017-18 Graduates:

Name Field Position Initial or Current Placement
Anthony Ives American Lecturer Texas A&M University
Luke Perez American Tenure Track Arizona State University School of Civic and Economic Thought and Leadership
Jake Dizard Comparative Postdoc UT-Austin Strauss Center
Omar Awapara Comparative Lecturer St. Edward's University
Robert Shaffer Comparative Postdoc University of Pennsylvania
Annelise Russell Public Policy Tenure Track University of Kentucky
Rebecca Eissler Public Policy Tenure Track San Francisco State University
Alex Hudson Public Law Postdoc Max Planck Institute
Ahmed Siddiqi Theory Postdoc Emory

2016-17 Graduates:

Name Field Position Initial or Current Placement
Alvaro Corral American Tenure Track College of Wooster
Jerod Patterson American Private Sector
Ken Miller American Tenure Track UNLV
Kristie Kelly American Associate Professor Austin Community College
Calla Hummel Comparative Tenure Track University of Miami
Dana El Kurd Compararative Tenure Track Doha Institute
Giorleny Altamirano Comparative Public Sector US Department of Labor
Joseph Amick Comparative Postdoc USAID
Rodolfo Disi Pavlic Comparative Tenure Track Temuco Catholic University
Ryan Lloyd Comparative Visiting Assistant Professor Centre College
Xuanxuan Wu IR Tenure Track Old Dominion University
Clare Brock Public Policy Tenure Track Texas Women's University
Jonathan Lewallen Public Policy Tenure Track University of Tampa
Benjamin Hardee Public Law Private Sector

Long-term results

First-time jobs: Our graduates can land high-profile tenure-track jobs directly out of graduate school. Within the last ten years we have directly placed graduates in tenure-track positions at University of Kentucky, Miami University, McGill University, the University of Washington, and the University of Missouri, for example. Other noteworthy direct tenure-track placements include research universities such as American University, the University of Tennessee, Texas Tech University, Syracuse University, Baylor University, University of Nevada (Las Vegas), University of Wisconsin (Milwaukee), West Virginia University, and the University of Louisville. We have also had great success placing students in liberal arts institutions, including Bates College, Claremont McKenna College, Rhodes College, Colorado College, St. Edward’s University, and the University of Richmond.

Second jobs: Beyond our direct placements, our students routinely move on from their initial job to more prestigious placements. Within the last ten years we have had students move on to second or third jobs and tenure-track positions at institutions including University of Wisconsin (Madison), UNC-Chapel Hill, Florida State University, American University, Ohio State University, James Madison University, Biola University in California, Colby College, College of Wooster, Providence College, George Washington University, DePaul University, Santa Clara University, University of Maryland-Baltimore County, and an endowed professorship at Brooklyn College. Our graduates also have a strong and proven record of earning tenure when the time comes.

Post-docs: Post-docs are typically an important steppingstone to tenure track jobs, and we have recently begun amassing an impressive record of placements in prestigious post-doc positions. Within the last ten years we have placed students in post-docs at institutions including Stanford, Princeton, Yale, Harvard’s Kennedy School of Government, Duke, Penn, Emory, University of Toronto, College of the Holy Cross, Boston College, Rhodes College, Tulane University, the University of Houston. and Australian National University.

International positions: Internationally, our graduates work at some of the highest-ranking institutions in their respective countries. Within the last ten years we have placed students at the top research institutions in Mexico, Peru, Brazil, Japan, Russia, Singapore, Korea and Taiwan.

Non-academic positions: Students who pursue a non-academic career path often find many options open to them. Within the last decade we have had graduates move on to careers with the CIA, Department of Defense, and prominent private and non-profit sector groups, nationally and internationally, such as The Mellman Group, Demos, The National Democratic Institute, The German Development Institute, and Argentina’s Foundation for the Environment and Natural Resources.

Ten year record

PhDs 2009-2019: 144. Total placement rate: 91%

Initial placements:

Tenure track jobs or post-docs: 78 (54%)

Other academic positions: 36 (25%); 16 of these (11%) subsequently moved into tenure track jobs

Non-academic, professional jobs: 17 (12%)

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