The Department of Government
The Department of Government

Recent books by our faculty

AlbertRevolutionaryConstitutionalism AlbertConstitutionalism BaranyArmiesArabia BaranyGulfDefense
Revolutionary Constitutionalism: Law, Legitimacy, Power (2020) by Richard Albert Constitutionalism Under Extreme Conditions (2020) by Richard Albert and Yaniv Roznai, eds. Armies of Arabia: Military Politics and Effectiveness in the Gulf (2021) by Zoltan Barany The Political Economy of Gulf Defense Establishments (2021) by Zoltan Barany
BrinksPowerParticipation BrinksInstituionalWeakness BudziszewksiDivineLaw BudziszewksiHappiness
Power, Participation and Private Regulatory Initiatives: Human Rights under Supply Chain Capitalism (2021) by Daniel Brinks, with Karen Engle, Julia Dehm, and Kate Taylor, eds. The Politics of Institutional Weakness in Latin America (2020) by Daniel Brinks, with Steve Levitsky and Maria Victoria Murillo, eds. Commentary on Thomas Aquinas’s Treatise on Divine Law (2021) by J Budziszewksi Commentary on Thomas Aquinas’s Treatise on Happiness and Ultimate Purpose (2020) by J Budziszewksi
GerringScale GerringKnowledge GerringDemocracies HartTrump
Population and Politics: The Impact of Scale (2020) by John Gerring and Wouter Veenendaal The Production of Knowledge: Enhancing Progress in Social Science (2020) by John Gerring, with Colin Elman and James Mahoney, eds. Varieties of Democracy: Measuring a Century of Political Change (2020) by John Gerring, with Michael Coppedge, et al. Trump and Us: What He Says and Why People Listen (2020) by Roderick Hart
HirschlCityState JacobsohnConstRev LiuChineseMigrants MachlachlanJapaneseAgriculture
City, State: Constitutionalism and the Megacity (2020) by Ran Hirschl Constitutional Revolution (2020) by Gary Jacobsohn and Yaniv Roznai The Language of Political Incorporation: Chinese Migrants in Europe (2021) by Amy Liu Betting on the Farm: Institutional Change in Japanese Agriculture (2022) by Patricia Maclachlan
PangleLReasonandCharacter PangleTSocrates PoweSupremeCourt ShawRoberstCorruption
Reason and Character: The Moral Foundations of Aristotelian Political Philosophy (2020) by Lorraine Pangle Socrates Founding Political Philosophy in Xenophon's Economist, Symposium, and Apology (2020) by Thomas Pangle The Supreme Court and the American Elite, 1789-2020 (2021) by Lucas Powe, Jr. The Appearance of Corruption: Testing the Supreme Court’s Assumptions about Campaign Finance Reform (2021) by Daron R. Shaw, Brian E. Roberts, and Mijeong Baek
ShawTurnoutMyth TheriaultCongress ViroliTempi ViroliLItalia
The Turnout Myth: Voting Rates and Partisan Outcomes in American Elections (2020) by Daron Shaw and John R. Petrocik Congress: The First Branch (2020) by Sean M. Theriault and Mickey Edwards Tempi profetici. Visione di emancipazione politica nella storia d’Italia (2021) by Maurizio Viroli L’Italia è una repubblica democratica (2020) by Maurizio Viroli
ViroliPerAmorePatria WalkerInjustice WeylandAssault
Per Amore della Patria. Patriottismo e nazionalismo nella storia (2020) by Maurizio Viroli Mobilized by Injustice: Criminal Justice Contact, Political Participation and Race (2020) by Hannah Walker Assault on Democracy: Communism, Fascism, and Authoritarianism during the Interwar Years (2021) by Kurt Weyland

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