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Lyon Summer Program Courses

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All participants must take 6 credit hours for which they register at UT prior to departure. 

Students sign up for one of the following language courses depending on previous coursework:

  • FR 317C Enhancing French Skills
    Listening, speaking, reading, and writing course designed to provide students who have credit for French 611C with additional preparation for upper-division French courses. May not be counted toward fulfillment of the foreign language requirement for any bachelor's degree. Prerequisite: French 611C with a grade of at least C.


  • FR 322E Advanced French II
    Designed to develop the listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills needed for the analysis of literary and cultural readings in the French-speaking world. Prerequisite: French 320E with a grade of at least C. Taught by Lyon 3 professor Marylène Meunier.

All students participating in the program also take:

  • FC 340M Continuity and Change in Modern France
    Considers important cultural trends and structures of 20th-century France and explores important geographical, historical and architectural sites in Paris, Lyon, and on weekend excursions.Taught in Lyon, France. Study Abroad. Lectures and readings in French and English. Fulfills the "Cultural Expression, Human Experience, & Thought" Culture Requirement in the College of Liberal Arts. This course also carries the Global Cultures flag.

All courses are academically challenging. Special attention is paid to each student’s proficiency and interests. 

Limited Enrollment

Any student in good standing who will have completed a year of French (FR601C and FR611C) before the program begins and who has an overall G.P.A. of 3.0 may apply.