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European Thought

The Center for European Studies is proud to offer a new track in European Thought. This new track, developed in collaboration with the Jefferson Program for Core Texts and Ideas, will allow students to immerse themselves in a variety of key concepts that have had a profound impact on not only Europe itself but also, to be sure, America and—even more broadly—the world. Courses that may be counted toward a European Studies major in European Thought include: 

lower division
  • C C 301 Introduction to Ancient Greece
  • C C 302 Introduction to Ancient Rome
  • CTI 302 Classics of Social and Political Thought
  • CTI 304 The Bible and Its Interpreters
  • GOV 314 Competing Visions of the Good Life
  • HIS 309K Western Civilization in Medieval Times
  • HIS 309L Western Civilization in Modern Times
  • HIS 317N-1 The Roots of Religious Toleration
  • PHL 301K Ancient Philosophy
  • PHL 301L Early Modern Philosophy
  • PHL 305 Introduction to the Philosophy of Religion
  • R S 304 Judaism, Christianity, and Islam
  • R S 318 Rise of Christianity
upper division
  • AHC-4 History of Greece to End of Peloponnesian War
  • AHC 325-1History of Rome: The Republic
  • CTI 345 Satan and the Idea of Evil
  • CTI 366 Life and Works of Adam Smith
  • CTI 365 Classics of Social Scientific Thought
  • GOV 335M Natural Law Theory
  • GOV 351C Classical Quest for Justice
  • GOV 351G Critics of Modern Liberalism
  • GOV 351J Might and Right Among Nations
  • GOV 379S Jerusalem and Athens-Honors
  • HIS 322C Cultural History of World Science to 1650
  • HIS 322D The Scientific Revolution of the Seventeenth Century
  • HIS 322G History of the Modern Life Sciences
  • HIS 332G European Intellectual History from the Enlightenment to Nietzsche
  • HIS 322M History of Modern Science
  • HIS 332J Twentieth-Century European Intellectual History
  • HIS 343 The Age of Reformation
  • HIS 343G Italian Renaissance, 1350-1550
  • HIS 344G Twelfth-Century Renaissance: 1050-1200
  • HIS 350L-32 The Galileo Affair
  • HIS 350L-33 Heresy and the Inquisition
  • HIS 350L-57 Law and Society in Early Modern Europe
  • HIS 350L-64 Einstein in the Age of Conflict
  • HIS 350L-74 Mystics, Visionaries, and Heretics in Medieval Europe
  • HIS 350L-81 Enlightenment and Revolution
  • HIS 353 The French Revolution and Napoleon
  • HIS 362G-12 Heretics and Freedom Fighters, 1350-1650
  • HIS 362G Marx and Western Marxism
  • HIS 362G Sacred and Secular in Modern European Thought
  • HIS 362P Spinoza and Modernity
  • LAT 365 Augustine's Confessions
  • HIS 366N Biology, Behavior, and Injustice 
  • PHL 329K History of Ancient Philosophy
  • PHL 329L Early Modern Philosophy: Descartes to Kant
  • PHL 349 History of Medieval and Renaissance Philosophy
  • PHL 354-2 History of Christian Philosophy
  • PHL 354-5 Origins of Liberalism
  • PHL 366K Existentialism