The Center for Archaeological and Tropical Studies
The Center for Archaeological and Tropical Studies

Health & Safety


Recent medical and dental exams should ensure you are in good health before travel.

No immunizations are required by the program, but consult with your physician or a travel medicine specialist for advice. We recommend that you consult the website for the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) for health information for travelers to Belize.

Preventive Malaria medication is not required by the program, but consult a travel health professional to decide if you should take it. Refer to the CDC page listed above for more information.

Personal Safety

Belize is a politically stable country and is generally safe for tourists. The program is located on a controlled-access, guarded property.

Legal Compliance

While we are in Belize, we must follow the local laws and customs. Refer to the U.S. Department of State Belize Consular Information Sheet for information and travel advisories for travelers to Belize.

The possession or consumption of illegal drugs will not be tolerated. Any person in possession of any illegal drugs will be removed from the project and sent home if they do not find themselves in jail in Belize.

All artifacts are the property of the Government of Belize. Artifacts of any kind (including broken pot sherds and lithic debitage) cannot be kept by project members for any reason.

More Information for International Travelers

Refer to the following websites for more information about travel health and safety.