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Room Use FAQ

Room Use and Event Planning FAQ

Below is a list of commonly asked questions about using LAITS rooms and event planning.  For help in planning a conference or other large event, visit the CoLA Business Affairs Conference Procedures page.


  • In what order are requests processed?

    Room requests are prioritized in order to maximize use by College of Liberal Arts departments and units.  This system allows occupants housed in RLP to have first priority.  Requests from other CoLA units with CoLA events will have second priority.  Requests that fall outside these parameters will be reviewed after all CoLA requests have been processed.  Unscheduled emergency maintenance shall supersede all other uses and be considered the highest of priorities.  Determination of the eligibilty, priority, and categorization of each facility reservation request shall be made by the RLP Reservation staff.

  • What is the cost of using these rooms?

    There is no fee for room use or introductory tech support. Users requesting the presence of tech support throughout their event will be required to pay a fee for tech support services. Events requiring the submission of a work order will have to pay for cleaning services.

  • How do I make a reservation?

    An online reservation form is available to walk you through the reservation process.  All requests should be submitted through the online reservation request form.

  • Can non Liberal Arts faculty or staff submit a reservation request?

    Because only Liberal Arts faculty and staff may use BUR 214 and RLP, reservation requests will need to be submitted by a Liberal Arts faculty or staff member with an active appointment in CoLA.  Courtesy appointments should work directly with their CoLA unit.

  • Can a non Liberal Arts Faculty or staff use these rooms?

    BEL 214 and rooms in RLP are available to CoLA faculty and staff only.

  • What does it mean to co-sponsor an event?

    Co-Sponsoring an event with a non-CoLA unit means that the CoLA faculty or staff agree to provide all event support, encforce the Acceptable Use Policy, as well as maintain a presence during the entirety of the event.  Any event held in RLP or BUR 214 must be related to the academic goals of the College of Liberal Arts and the University.  Co-Sponsoring also means the CoLA representative will be present during the entire event and will ensure that all departments involved in the event follow the Acceptable Use Policy before, during, and after the event.  Further, the CoLA representative agrees to act as the event planning/coordinator on behals of the event and will serve as the single point of contact between the reservation staff and the event. 

  • Can a student group use these rooms?

    LAITS meeting rooms are not available for student groups. CoLA student groups are encouraged to reach out to the CoLA Student Affairs team to reserve the Wagner Student Workroom in the DIES Student Center. All student groups can reserve spaces through the Office of the Dean of Students.

  • Can I use these rooms for office hours or review/study sessions?

    Rooms in RLP are not available for office hours or review sessions or study sessions. Faculty requiring such space should work with their department or the Registrar’s office to find a room for office hours or review sessions.

  • How far in advance can I make a reservation?

    Reservation requests are processed based on the following calendar*:

    • Spring semester – first business day in September
    • Summer Semester – first business day in January
    • Fall Semester – first business day in April
    • Conference, professional/annual meetings, and symposiums with more than 75 attendees may request space up to 9 months in advance of the event.
    • *RLP 1.302A and F reservation requests are processed following the semester schedule and will not be included in the 9 month lead time for events.  
  • Can I hold an event after building hours?

    All events must take place within the days and hours of Monday – Friday, 6:30 am to 11:00 pm. Saturday – Sunday, 8 am to 9 pm.


  • Why didn’t I get the room I requested?

    We make every effort to accommodate room preferences. However, rooms are assigned for best-use, based on expected attendance and any special media or furniture needs. Some groups have priority in specific rooms. In these cases, the rooms will not be reserved to calendar capacity in order to accommodate the priority groups and other meetings.

  • May I use a room that I find empty but don’t have a reservation for?

    RLP Reservations reserves the right to assign rooms at the last minute.  For this reason, you may only use rooms for which you have a reservation.

  • What areas are available for my event when I’m using the Glickman Conference Center?

    You may access the kitchenette. The lobby is the only entrance to the center and may be used only with permission from reservation staff (See also "Can we use the lobby for our event?"). All event activities must take place entirely within the reserved room(s). This includes activities such as registration, materials, distribution, eating, and/or displays.

  • Can we use the lobby for our event?

    The lobby area of the Julius Glickman Conference Center may not be used for food or other setup unless there are no other events going on in the Conference Center during your event.  No furniture in the lobby should ever be moved without prior permission from the reservation staff. Repairs for any damage to the furniture in the lobby area will be responsiblity of the group using the space.

  • Can I use the patio for my event?

    Yes, as long as you request the use of the patio and include details of how you would like to use the outdoor space. The patio doors are usually locked unless otherwise requested. The reservation staff will ensure the alarms on the doors leading to the exterior patio area are set to be off during your event. Setting off the alarms on these doors will alert UT Police and your department could incur fines for setting off the alarm.  The doors leading to the exterior of the building may never propped open. RLP has a very delicate climate control system and the humidity will result in a failure in the HVAC system for the building.





  • What decorations are permitted?

    Users may use their own discrention for deocrating.  However, please do not tape or take anything to the walls or glass withour prior permission.  Candles are not permitted at any time.

  • Can I have live music at my event?

    Live music may be approved depending on the time of the event. All music must be kept at a reasonable level throughout an event so as not disturb or interrupt classes or other business during general daytime work hours.

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  • What furniture is available for my event?

    Each room may have a different furniture layout and set-up.  For more information about what furniture and equipment is available in specific room, see individual room descriptions.

  • Can I move furniture or equipment out of a room?

    RLP does not have additional spaces to store furniture during an event.  Users should anticipate that any additional furniture already in your room, but not needed by your event, should stay in the room.  The tables can be easily folded and stored in the corner of the room.  Chairs are easily stacked and stored within the room.   Equipment located on the table or desk, such as the computer and document camera, may not be disconnected and removed.

  • What can I do if I need additional furniture or equipment for my event?

    Apart from what is already within the room, nothing will be provided such as 35 mm slide projectors, overhead projectors, additional chairs, computers, extension cords, tables, easels, etc.  Items from other rooms or spaces within the building may not be relocated.  Equipment located on the table or desk, such as the computer and document camera, may not be disconnected and removed.

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  • Which caterers can I use?

    There are no restrictions on caterers in the LAITS meeting rooms.  Events that are catered are required to submit a copy of a Work order for cleaning services immediately following the event.  Cleaning requests following events can be made through UT Event Support and Moving Services.

  • Can I serve alcohol during my event?

    The general rule on campus is that alcohol may not be served or consumed on campus, unless it is a special event approved by the Office of the President. To request an exception to be able to serve alcohol at a special event, contact the Provost's office to begin the application process.

  • Where can caterers stage before service?

    When using the Julius Glickman Conference Center, caterers should stage in the small kitchenette.  Users are responsible for discussing their catering concerns with the reservation staff to best determine an appropriate staging area.  It is not policy for reservation staff to reserve a large room just for caterer staging.

  • Can my caterer use the loading dock in RLP?

    The RLP loading dock is available to authorized personnel only.  In most cases, deliveries for events in RLP should use the access ramp located on the northeast corner of the 0 level (along the circle drive).  Elevators located at this level have access to meeting rooms in RLP, and do not require access permissions.  Caterers who use the loading dock without prior approval are at risk of being locked inside the loading dock until the next business day.

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  • Is parking available at RLP?

    A small number of 30 minute loading zone spaces are located on the east side of the RLP building and are available on a first come, first serve basis. Handicapped parking is available on Speedway in front of Gregory Gym. All other parking questions for events should be directed to Parking and Transportation Services.

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  • How long do I have to clean-up after my event?

    Cleaning and breakdown time must be included in your reservation request. Rooms are often scheduled with events adjacent to one another; therefore last minute requests for additional clean-up may not always be available.

  • How do I a re-set a room after my event?

    Pictures and diagrams of the room’s furniture layout are available in each room.  Please refer to these drawings when resetting a room.

  • What happens if I don’t reset a room correctly?

    You will receive a request from the reservation staff to return to the room and reset the furniture as depicted on the drawings located in each room.  Failure to reset the room in a timely manner may jeopardize your future use of LAITS meeting rooms.

  • Who is responsible for cleaning after my event?

    Cleaning is the responsibility of the users, and must be done immediately after an event is over.  All rooms must be reset and trash removed from the facility.  Users should plan to bring garbage bags to ensure that garbage removal does not become a problem for subsequent users.

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