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Graduate Student Spotlight

"It is an entirely different type of learning to watch primates in their natural habitats and see how they navigate the forest. The observations I made of tail use in the primates I was studying have fueled an entire dissertation project, and I’m sure they’ll continue to fuel more projects in my future." - Lydia Myers

The Department of Anthropology is excited to share an interview with Graduate Student Lydia Myers, conducted by Julia Earle. This series will continue to highlight the amazing and impactful work of our students — in Austin and around the world — a few times each year.

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About the Department

We offer a broad program of research, teaching, and community engagement that builds upon the historical strengths of archaeology, linguistic anthropology, biological anthropology and sociocultural anthropology in order to understand and address the challenges of a culturally diverse, increasingly globalized, and rapidly-changing world.

Our aim is to research and teach toward a better understanding of the world; a world in which the articulation of local cultural forms and identities with global processes is increasingly complicated and consequential; one in which the relationships among all types of social groups, from individuals to governments to multi-national corporations, are evolving and taking new forms; one in which race, ethnicity, religion, gender, sexuality, and other aspects of cultural identity are forever shifting in form and significance; one in which the relationship of human beings to both the natural and constructed environment is at an increasingly critical stage.

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Graduate Student Spotlight: Sarah Eleazar

Eleazar is a doctoral student in Sociocultural Anthropology at the University of Texas at Austin.